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How Reefer Trailers Have Shaped Society

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Trucking brings 65 billion CAD to Canada each year, meaning a trucking fleet needs to be in tip top shape. Having routine trailer maintenance, particularly for refrigerated trailers, is huge. Routine trailer maintenance keeps these reefer trailers running smoothy, and keeps them as a critical component of cold chain supply chains.

Because of the trailer maintenance reefers need, one may wonder how reefers came into existence. Before refrigerated trailers for sale came online, trucks transporting perishable products used ice blocks on top of the trailers, which were changed every 600 km or so. Once reefer trailers were invented, Freon was used. Because this caused ozone destroying chloroflourocarbons, the Montreal Protocol of 1987 banned new trailers from using Freon. Today, new trailers and those undergoing trailer maintenance use an environmentally friendly coolant.

Refrigerated trailers have made a huge impact on society, transporting perishable goods thousands of kilometres, even when they are out of season. Essential trailer maintenance is needed to keep these trucks driving. So if you want a truck fleet and you are in Ontario, buy a trailer or use a rental trailer with reefer capabilities. With the right trailer maintenance, your productivity will improve dramatically.

Three must not be missed quirky places to stay

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There is a growing trend now among travelers and vacationers to find quirky places to stay. This is because in the last couple of years, new types of accommodations have been developed which offered anyone the chance to truly experience a place without sacrificing the comforts and luxury that are offered by hotels and inns. Moreover, these new quirky places to stay can be more affordable than staying in a hotel, especially for groups of travelers or vacationing families. To give you an idea of what these new accommodations are, here are three must not be missed quirky places to say.

First you have the villa or you can try any big house to rent. There are many villas that are considered quirky places to stay, such as the villa in Galicia, villas in france, and villas in Spain. Villas offer a lot of things that many hotels cannot. For example, villas in France will allow you to live among the locals and to experience how it is to live in a rural community in France. There you can try your hand in certain tasks or jobs of the locals. If you are with the whole family, your kids will have a chance to see, feel, touch and experience the culture of the locality. Villas are quirky places to stay because you cannot find similar experience if you stay in a hotel or an inn.

Second, you can try glamping. A glamping is short for glamorous camping. There are different types of glamping accommodations, all of them are quirky places to stay. For example, you can stay in a yurt, a cottage or a tipi. Among the other quirky places to stay, a yurt or a cottage will truly offer you a luxurious camping experience. In fact, glamping is becoming more popular even among the rich and famous because they can experience living in a basic structure of a yurt, for example, and yet have all the comforts and luxury that are offered only in a hotel. The best thing about this is that one can experience the place in the privacy of ones own yurt and yet live in luxury that is found only in five star hotels. In fact, some cottages are designed to make the experience truly unique. From the design of the interior and exterior of the cottage, to having the most luxurious furniture, features and amenities inside the cottage, this makes cottages one of the most in demand quirky places to stay.

Third, you can stay in a riad. Riads are always quirky places to stay because they are not your usual accommodation. The interior garden and courtyard are enough to really have an exotic vacation. Though many of the designs of the riad have changed over the years, the main style basically remained the same. Moreover, there are many riads that are quite affordable as they are becoming popular accommodation among travelers. Helpful info also found here.

HACCP Certification Requirements

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There are over 19,000 different International Standards design to keep people and the environment safe. Out of those 19,000 International Standards, around 1,000 are focused on food. There are several areas that involve the proper handling of food that include agricultural machinery, transportation, manufacturing, packaging, and storage. The HACCP stands for “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” and is a major part of international standards. Finding information about the HACCP certification is made simple on the web. HACCP certification requirements will involve learning certain standards for the various stages of production and processing. HACCP certification training will help restaurants and other industries involved with food to become more competitive.

HACCP training involves online courses and classes, as well as in person classes as well. One of the common things people learn with a food safety certification is how to avoid certain food illnesses, such as E. coli. It only takes up to 10 days for the incubation period of E. coli to be complete. Another major International Standard designed to protect people and the environment is the ISO 50001. Finding information about ISO Certification requirements should be done online. The ISO 50001 is designed to help business owners achieve a higher level of energy efficiency.

Haccp certification training ensures that everyone involved with handling food is using safe and effective methods for avoid food illnesses. ISO training is highly recommended for restaurants and other industries that are involved with the handling or storing of food. Another major factor that food industries must pay attention to is the FAMI QS, which involves feed ingredients through food chains. A safety system must be implemented in order to ensure people receive safe food. Business owners in any food industry are encouraged to create a Haccp plan, as well as acquiring the right HACCP certification.

Oakwood Village in Auburn CA


Oakwood Village

3388 Bell Road

Auburn, CA 95603

(530) 889-8122

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Oakwood Village offers Specialized Dementia, Alzheimers, and memory loss care in addition to our assisted living and respite care.

Oakwood Village was voted “Best of the Best” by readers of the Auburn Journal 2012!

Oakwood Village Assisted Living Community is a retirement home in Auburn, CA that offers specialized supportive care for active seniors as well as those with memory loss. The moment you enter Oakwood Village you will feel the caring that defines our quality adult retirement community. We offer a wide range of services for meeting senior housing residents’ day to day needs. Our specialized Dementia Care program offers a nurturing environment with staff trained to foster moments to remember. Our peaceful setting is enhanced by our restaurant style dining, free senior transportation, a stimulating senior activity program as well as clean senior rental apartments. Our residents will tell you they appreciate all these options and more while living at Oakwood Village. The staff at Oakwood Village prides itself on respecting the privacy and individuality of our residents while at the same time creating a real sense of community. You can maintain the same independent lifestyle you have always enjoyed, plus have the opportunity to connect with your peers, participate in activities, and even form lasting friendships. Experience for yourself what sets Oakwood Village apart from other senior care properties. Find out why the Auburn community has supported us since 1995.

Franchise Marketing Technology Is Crucial For Success

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Content marketing today uses a diverse array of channels such as blog posts, social media, podcasts, and videos. Those looking for top quality franchise marketing should seek out a brand marketing agency that they can depend on for brand consulting. With a proper franchise consultant you can get the best possible advertising for your business.

Billboards, a very common modern form of franchise marketing, first appeared in 1867. Since then, advertisements have come a long way and have diversified in their nature. One of the advertisements that was most groundbreaking for its time was the 1984 “Big Brother” ad for Apple, which debuted during the Super bowl. Franchise marketing saw a big change in recent years, after the dotcom bubble of the late 90s broke and inbound marketing focused on interactivity and information sharing became more important than outbound marketing.

Marketing today also utilizes a variety of technology. QR codes, for example, are square bar codes that are scanned with a smartphone and will bring up contact information, text messages, web sites, or other types of content. No matter what kind of company you are, with assistance from a skilled marketing agency, you can get the sort of help that is best for your needs. Take some time to select a reliable marketing firm to assist you with your requirements, and it will be easier for you to bring in clients, thanks to having the marketing that will attract them based on the needs they have for products and services.