How Reefer Trailers Have Shaped Society

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Trucking brings 65 billion CAD to Canada each year, meaning a trucking fleet needs to be in tip top shape. Having routine trailer maintenance, particularly for refrigerated trailers, is huge. Routine trailer maintenance keeps these reefer trailers running smoothy, and keeps them as a critical component of cold chain supply chains.

Because of the trailer maintenance reefers need, one may wonder how reefers came into existence. Before refrigerated trailers for sale came online, trucks transporting perishable products used ice blocks on top of the trailers, which were changed every 600 km or so. Once reefer trailers were invented, Freon was used. Because this caused ozone destroying chloroflourocarbons, the Montreal Protocol of 1987 banned new trailers from using Freon. Today, new trailers and those undergoing trailer maintenance use an environmentally friendly coolant.

Refrigerated trailers have made a huge impact on society, transporting perishable goods thousands of kilometres, even when they are out of season. Essential trailer maintenance is needed to keep these trucks driving. So if you want a truck fleet and you are in Ontario, buy a trailer or use a rental trailer with reefer capabilities. With the right trailer maintenance, your productivity will improve dramatically.

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