Three must not be missed quirky places to stay

Unique cottages

There is a growing trend now among travelers and vacationers to find quirky places to stay. This is because in the last couple of years, new types of accommodations have been developed which offered anyone the chance to truly experience a place without sacrificing the comforts and luxury that are offered by hotels and inns. Moreover, these new quirky places to stay can be more affordable than staying in a hotel, especially for groups of travelers or vacationing families. To give you an idea of what these new accommodations are, here are three must not be missed quirky places to say.

First you have the villa or you can try any big house to rent. There are many villas that are considered quirky places to stay, such as the villa in Galicia, villas in france, and villas in Spain. Villas offer a lot of things that many hotels cannot. For example, villas in France will allow you to live among the locals and to experience how it is to live in a rural community in France. There you can try your hand in certain tasks or jobs of the locals. If you are with the whole family, your kids will have a chance to see, feel, touch and experience the culture of the locality. Villas are quirky places to stay because you cannot find similar experience if you stay in a hotel or an inn.

Second, you can try glamping. A glamping is short for glamorous camping. There are different types of glamping accommodations, all of them are quirky places to stay. For example, you can stay in a yurt, a cottage or a tipi. Among the other quirky places to stay, a yurt or a cottage will truly offer you a luxurious camping experience. In fact, glamping is becoming more popular even among the rich and famous because they can experience living in a basic structure of a yurt, for example, and yet have all the comforts and luxury that are offered only in a hotel. The best thing about this is that one can experience the place in the privacy of ones own yurt and yet live in luxury that is found only in five star hotels. In fact, some cottages are designed to make the experience truly unique. From the design of the interior and exterior of the cottage, to having the most luxurious furniture, features and amenities inside the cottage, this makes cottages one of the most in demand quirky places to stay.

Third, you can stay in a riad. Riads are always quirky places to stay because they are not your usual accommodation. The interior garden and courtyard are enough to really have an exotic vacation. Though many of the designs of the riad have changed over the years, the main style basically remained the same. Moreover, there are many riads that are quite affordable as they are becoming popular accommodation among travelers. Helpful info also found here.

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