Remember These 7 Key Steps in Your Estero Storm Damage Recovery

Make sure you buy thick and top-quality roofing. Get rid of any branches and leaves prior to using the tarping. It must cover the damaged areas and leave an extension of 4-foot.

The debris of storms can block the downspouts and gutters, causing water damage. If you discover any obstructions clean them up. In order to avoid floods in the future, make sure your downspouts are working properly.

In addition, a storm may damage your electrical systems at home. Avoid any electric lines that are damaged and call your local power company right away. In addition, it is recommended to turn off your power source and call an electrician to make immediate repair.

A storm’s flood or water entering the home via leaks or gaps can result in water destruction. To stop the growth of mold remove the water promptly. Pumps and wet vacuums for water removal. You can dry it by using fans or dehumidifiers.

Storm doors are a good option to safeguard your house from damage caused by storms. The doors are able to withstand powerful wind and flying debris. They also help keep your home warm during an icy storm, by adding an extra insulation layer.

5. Look For Disaster Assistance

Federal Emergency Management Agency provides assistance to homeowners who have been affected by severe weather. They can help you with repair work, filing claims for insurance, finding temporary housing, and family meals. A low-interest loan may be accessible to you when the area you live in is affected the effects of a hurricane.

The federal disaster assistance program is available regardless of the homeowner’s coverage does not meet your requirements. To qualify for the loan you’ll have to present the required documentation. FEMA offers assistance to storm victims via accommodation expense reimbursement.

This policy reimburses people for any out-of-pocket costs that are not covered by their insurance


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