6 Best Restaurants in EaDo Houston – Find Houston Tours


They would want. If you’re looking for an excellent prime rib establishment in Houston and you are looking for a prime rib restaurant, the best alternative is The Saltgrass Steak House. There are excellent steaks in Houston without having to spend a lot of money.

It is highly-rated and is able to cook any type of steak you’d like, regardless how it’s cooked. It is possible to get the very best of everything when you go to the different restaurants in the Eado Houston area. There are a lot of places to eat out in the area.

This is the perfect place to take guests from out of town, since it serves excellent steaks around Houston. Make sure you think about the possibility of contributing to a complete list of different restaurants that are worth taking your friends and relatives out of town to.

5. Hispanic Food

Houston offers one of the best Hispanic American cuisine. The city is close to the border of Mexico which means that some of the authenticity of Mexican foods is superior to that found in other areas of the nation. Houston has a remarkable Hispanic food source. It is possible to find a multitude of establishments where you can enjoy authentic Mexican food.

If you want to go on the cheaper side of things, then Dona Maria restaurant is the choice you should choose. There is a extensive Mexican menu is available at this eatery, which serves a wide selection of traditional Mexican meals at an affordable price. You can pick up the food you want from them at any time and then take it with you wherever you’d like to explore downtown. Relax and relax in the lobby.

There isn’t a single place you’ll want to grab a bit to take a bite. There is El Taco Rico if you wish to experience a variety of Mexican places that are located in Houston. Houston is an excellent spot for you to stop if for a trip to the city or have been there since you were a child.


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