What Are Ecotoxicology Studies? – Gerald Parks Memorial Foundation

ex subject involving the study of the impact that different toxic chemicals can have on biological systems. It is about pollution prevention and control. There is, of course, much to be learned from understanding this subject. Master Ecotoxicology’s team created this video.

You will gain a better knowledge about Ecotoxicology and its relationship to your personal life when you watch the video.

What is Ecotoxicology Studies?

According to the British Toxicology Society, Ecotoxicology is “the study of the harmful effects of chemical substances on the terrestrial and aquatic environments.”

According to them the term, ecotoxicologists attempt to comprehend as well (under ideal conditions, to determine) what will happen and in what extent an unwanted natural event will affect an ecosystem and the living organisms that depend on that ecosystem.

A lot of times this kind of study is about conservationism. It is used to guarantee the safety and security of human-made habitations, no matter if they’re being planned or not.

A majority of exotoxicologists engage to track and monitor how the toxins and chemicals travel through food chains.


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