How to Properly Use Clear Transparency Film – Discovery Videos

Transparencies can be frustrating and complicated process. They can be costly and can be annoying if do not know how transparent film works. Here are the steps you must take to properly print on clear transparency.

To find the side that prints on, rub your fingers. Ink prints only on the sticky side. If you do not do this, you may find that your images or words blur due to the ink not drying. Prints will quickly be damaged and the transparency will not function because it was printed in the wrong direction. In order to preserve the print it is essential to ensure you are using the right side of the transparency.

It’s a good thing that clear transparents are water resistant. Contrary to normal paper, transparent transparency can be submerged in water, printed, with ink placed properly on them with no issue. If this were to happen to regular papers, the paper would get ruined, and any ink on it washed away. This is one benefit to choosing clear transparents instead of normal paper for some of the prints you make.

These steps will make it easier to print with transparent film.


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