Guide to Making Birthday Flowers – Balanced Living Magazine

The person you love or hate can be sad or happy. Flowers can make an ideal gift because it gives your loved ones a special impression. These are some ideas to create birthday bouquets to give someone you love.

Birthday flowers will be an all-over bouquet, placed in a grid order in order to be neatly put together within vase. To add a special amount of sparkle, don’t hesitate to use a leaves shine spray to lighten the foliage. Choose an Asiatic flower in the center of the vase so it becomes the focal bloom. Cushion poms in yellow can be added to lighten the bouquet. Any additional flowers or stems should be placed diagonally in order to stay to the grid design in order to not detract from the main focal area. For an arrangement that is visually appealing, ensure that you evenly disperse your flowers.

To learn more about designing birthday flower arrangements, tune to the clip we included above.


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