How Do I Install a Replacement Window? – Home Renovation Tips and Tricks

To Ron Hazelton in his “House calls to Ron Hazelton in his “House” video. The process of installing an additional window is simple and easy to accomplish.

Ron says that his present windows are energy efficient for their time twenty years ago. Yet, the cost of energy so much higher in comparison to modern windows it is not energy efficient at all. Ron informs the viewer Ron that single-pane windows let heat escape from the pane which makes your house colder as well as increasing the cost of heating. Ron then replaces his old window with the latest double-hung windows from “Pella.” A very efficient window.

In the video, he is explaining the removal of painted screws. After that the video explains and demonstrates every aspect that is involved in removing the old window. He also explains the specific tools he is using and how to make use of these tools. In the next step, he repeats his teaching method while putting the brand new Pella double-paned glass in.

In the end, he concludes his video with an explanation of double pain technology , and explains exactly why it’s cheaper to look into a new window at your residence.


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