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The cal systems of older homes tend to be more vulnerable to overloadingthat can result in sparks and electrocution. According to NFPA, on average, US firefighters fought 44,880 house electric fires during the years 2012 until the year 2016. In each of the years, there was the average of 440 deaths as well as 1,250 injuries. $1.3 billion in property damage due to electrical fires. This is a fire threat for the present owner. It isn’t something that buyers should be concerned about.

If the homeowner’s insurance carrier or lender stops the buyer from moving forward because of outdated wiring, a real purchase could be cancelled. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) provides advice to anyone who is buying a house that was previously owned suggests an assessment of the electrical system. If your home meets the following requirements:

Recently, you’ve added new appliances Your home is undergoing major renovations Your house is 40 years old or is older

Though buyers must pay for a home inspection an inspection prior to listing performed by an electrician company can detect issues like faulty wiring and inform homeowners of costly repairs. Based on Home Advisor, a home inspection is as expensive as $337 across the country. However, this depends on the dimensions and area of the property. The buyer will be informed of if you’ve fixed multiple issues. Being proactive boosts sales significantly.

3. Make sure you check for water damage

Forbes Advisor reports that 29 per cent of the homeowners’ insurance claims were due to the water damage. The effects of water damage can be detrimental to your home sale, regardless of whether or not the issue resulted from leaky pipes or a flood brought on by a storm surge. It is common for water damage to go unnoticed until during a house inspection. With proactive advice homeowners can avoid something that may cost their property hundreds of dollars.

DIY repairs can be a good idea for homes that don’t need repair for mold, and the damage is just minor, such as moisture destruction to the walls.


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