Hummus Recipes Are the Best Food You Have Not Eaten Yet

Spicy hummus dip

If you are like me, then you sometimes go through food phases. My latest and greatest food cravings have been hummus spread. If you just reflexively asked “What is hummus?” then allow me to tell you dear reader. It is a delicious Greek dip and spread made with crushed chickpeas.

Hummus nutrition and hummus calories both make it a great diet food. Plus, it comes in different flavor and there are tons of great recipes with hummus. You can find roasted garlic hummus dip or spicy hummus dip. Pretzels and carrots are particularly great to dip in it, and putting it on a veggie wrap with some guacamole is also a great idea as well.

My most favorite of my recipes with hummus would have to be my hummus veggie wrap. I take some guacamole and some hummus (preferably something with a bit of savory flavor added) and spread them on the wrap. Then I add banana peppers, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, lettuce and onions and then I have the most delicious vegetarian sandwich ever.

Does anyone have any favorite recipes with hummus? I encourage you to share your secret and coveted recipes with hummus with other readers (and me in particular). I mean, you can absolutely never have too many recipes with hummus. Please comment, and share your stories and experiences. Research more here.

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