Fun in a Photo Booth

Rent a photo booth

In 1861, British physicist James Maxwell took the first color picture. By 1888, the first automated photography machine was patented by Baltimore residents Edward Poole and William Pope. That same year, Kodak began selling cameras to the public. They were the first company to do so.

In 1925, the modern photo booth was introduced. Today, photo booth rentals are popular for many different events. Whether it be for corporate parties, reunions, birthday parties, or weddings, photo booths are great for group gatherings where there will be memories.

A photo booth rental for weddings can be especially useful because it allows each guest to document themselves at the wedding with a picture, while at the same time it takes away the awkwardness of having a photographer wander around. Photo booth rentals give guests a fun alternative to the dance floor, and the pictures that come out of the photo booth can be memorable and easy favors for a wedding.

Orange county photo booth rentals usually encourage people to have fun with them. Photo booth rentals usually include hats and masks that bring out the kid in many adults. Photo booth rentals also make it so that a parent does not have to keep snapping pictures of their child to document an event. While some pictures are still necessary for certain aspects of an event, a photo booth rental can cover most of the candids. Read this for more.

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