Are Your Kids As Active As They Should Be?

Rhino double shootout basketball game

Nothing makes a kid appreciate summer more than seeing swing sets for sale at the local store. They probably have no idea that New Jersey had the first say in anything regarding playgrounds, creating a playground commission in 1907 that would give them the ability to control every playground in the state. They just want to buy a swing set.

Unfortunately when it comes to outdoor activities, children just are not as active as they used to be. Seeing swing sets for sale does not have the same effect that it used to. In the past thirty years, which spans the large growth in technology, the amount of children who are overweight has tripled. Considering how many great things that can be done while being active and outside, that should not be a statistic.

The fact that unsafe, splintering wooden swingsets have become a thing of the past to be replaced with a solid redwood outdoor playset that is like a miniature playground, there should be no reason a child could not spend a few hours running around outside. They can be fun and interactive as well, which makes it engaging for the child. Just like the first playground ever opened in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, a lot of them come equipped with swings, slides, and some even have miniature carousels.

Not only are swingsets great for playing on, but they can also help teach children responsibility. With the swing sets for sale these days, most require swing set assembly, so by having the children help put them together, it shows them teamwork, and that effort is required in order to do something they enjoy. Most technology is great for instant gratification so this is a good learning experience as well.

There are also other ways to get children more active these days, and that do not require being outside. Most of them are table games such as Foosball, air hockey or table tennis. These all help children with hand and eye coordination, so not only do they keep them on their feet, they keep them thinking as well!

Playgrounds are definitely a bonus for outdoor activity when summer comes around, but try not to forget about the other great things that can be done. Even if you happen to be on a tight budget, see if someone in your neighborhood is selling an old basketball hoop. Basket balls are cheap, and also colored brightly so to also better hand and eye coordination, unlike when they were first invented and were a dark brown.

Whether they are on playgrounds, throwing tantrums at the swing sets on sale, playing basketball, chalking all over the side of the house, or running away because you are chasing them, children should become more active and appreciate the outdoors a little more.

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