Smartphones Have Increased the Need for Information Security

Mobile device management

Did you know that there are almost a billion smartphone users in the world? This number is only increasing, and speaks to the proliferative nature of this form of communication. The smartphone is so popular that many people use it for their jobs, especially now that so many company networks use cloud software architecture, allowing information to be accessed from anywhere rather than specific computer networks. This allows workers to be more productive and also reduces infrastructure overhead costs. With this, however, comes risks in the form of security, and it is a risk business owners should take seriously.

A recent survey found that almost seventy five percent of companies allow BYOD, or Bring your own device usage, on some level. There are several risks to having unmanaged operating devices. First, there is the risk posed by theft or loss. An employee with valuable company or consumer information can accidentally leave their phone in a bar or store, or can have it stolen randomly or because of the information it stores. There are additional risks associated with virus security and system updates. It can be a long and difficult process when IT departments have to update individual phones one after the other.

Patch management software is often the solution to these issues. In the first care of loss or theft, patch management allows businesses to tell the phone to lose the information, even if they do not know where it is. After a report of loss, the phone can be completely wiped. When it comes to anti virus updates, mobile device management software allows all phones to be updated at the same time, which can be greatly beneficial to a company that might have upward of a hundred employees, all operating on different schedules.

Iphone management in the form of patch management software is necessary to ensure that a company is safe and secure, especially when so much of company worth is caught up in the information it has at its disposal. Iphone security tactics also use reliable encryption methods to ensure maximum safety to the system. Patch management systems, in effect, allow companies to allow fully engaged employees without risking company data. Continue reading here:

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