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Choosing the best dog food can be complicated by a number of factors, but the individual pet must be considered before switching to diet dog food or a natural dog food. Often we have to fine tune our pets diet to eliminate different health concerns. Do a little research to find the best dog food and do not just rely on free dog food coupons that you receive.

To start your investigation for the best dog food for your beloved pet, you should create a pet health journal. Use this to document what food your dog currently eats and all of the details around feeding. You are trying to document everything that may be a trigger for allergies or digestion issues. Remember, you are looking for nutritional benefits and the “tastiest” selection may not be the best dog food.

Food allergies can be the biggest factor in your pet having skin reactions so you will have to evaluate food ingredients and their effects. Just like humans your dog may be reacting to common foods such as poultry, beef, lamb, corn, soy, wheat, egg, and dairy. Also note, as you begin to adjust your pets diet you should do it slowly. Combine your current food with some of the new food you are testing so that they do not have a reaction to a drastic change.

If you are at a loss, you can consult your vet for suggestions as to the best dog food. While you may have noticed the trend towards biologically available raw food, also called BARF, a sudden change can create pancreatic issues so seek advice first. If you are using traditional foods look for vitamin E as a preservative versus artificial ingredients. This will eliminate unnecessary chemicals from your pets diet and insure that they are getting high quality meat.

Refer back to your pet health journal on your quest to finding the best dog food. Again, you are looking for high nutritional content with fewer chemicals and additives and not necessarily the best tasting formulation. That need comes from our desire to eat the best tasting foods, but your dog does not need that additional criteria to maintain health from the best dog food for their individual situation. See this reference for more:

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