Tips for Keeping Your Oriental Rug Clean

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If you have invested in an oriental rug, you are probably well aware of what a costly investment it was. In order to ensure the rugs’ longevity, you will need to care for it properly on your own, and occasionally have it professionally cleaned by a rug cleaning Manhattan company.

If you are in the NYC area, there are plenty of oriental rug cleaning nyc companies to choose from, however there are a few tips you can use to clean your rugs at home before calling a professional area rug cleaning nyc company.

Vacuum a new Oriental rug as you would carpet and wool area rugs. Use special care with delicate vintage or antique rugs. While Manhattan rug cleaning companies are specially trained to do this properly, there is no reason why you cannot do your own oriental rug cleaning nyc yourself. Most carpet cleaning Staten Island NY and Oriental rug cleaning NYC will insist this be done by a professional, but it is perfectly safe to do on your own.

Of course, it is a good idea to have these rugs professionally cleaned once a year by a rug cleaning Manhattan company. Hiring a rug cleaning Manhattan NY or upholstery cleaning nyc company only once a year will save you money, but also help you to maintain your rug for a longer period of time. Rotate rugs to ensure even wear; direct exposure to sun will cause fading. Oriental rug cleaning NYC companies will tell you that it is a good idea when buying antique rugs, to learn as much as you can from the seller about the rug’s fiber content and construction before hand.

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