Preserve Soil And Shorelines Around Construction Sites

Spill control products

When undertaking any construction or renovation not only the job completion critical, but it is also important to preserve the integrity of the work site and surrounding areas. Turbidity barriers, sometimes called turbidity curtains or silt barriers are commonly used as oil spill response equipment, but can be useful tools for any construction project in or near water. Many government departments and local regulations require the preservation and protection of work sites and the use of a turbidity barrier can help prevent soil and shoreline erosion around the project.

Also known as silt curtains, can be a crucial part of any oil spill response equipment kit. By containing sediment stirred about in or near the water around oil spills, they may be able to prevent the spill from spreading and contaminating more of the surrounding area. In a clean project of this nature, efficiency and quick response times matter and the right oil spill response equipment can aid in slowing the spread and facilitate the clean up. Silt barriers are one important tool in the preservation and maintenance of the shorelines and habitats they foster.

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