Avoid the Danger of Tooth Decay

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Contrary to urban myth, the toothbrush was not invented in West Virginia; rather, it was invented by an inmate in a british prison who fashioned his toothbrush from the bones of cattle and the bristly hair of swine. While this may not seem like something you would want to put into your mouth, it would actually be a better alternative to some things people put into their mounths every day. For instance, sugary foods and drinks are actually much worse, as three glasses of sugary drinks ingested per day can lead to over sixty percent more tooth decay. This, of course, leads to painful, unsightly tooth loss and costly, unpleasant fillings. However, for those with shabby smiles, a dentist Oxnard may be the answer. A Oxnard dentist, Camarillo dentist, Simi Valley dentist, Ventura dentist, or dentist malibu can perform cosmetic dentistry with the skill to rid you of that gap toothed grin.

In the old days, the alternatives for tooth decay, cavities, and tooth loss were few and far between. The choices were metal fillings, cumbersome bridges, dentures, or no teeth at all. Since those days, cosmetic dentistry as performed by a dentist Oxnard can provide teeth whitening, tooth implants, and invisilign. For those people who are unfortunate enough to need a filling or root canal, the alternatives provided by a dentist Oxnard are greatly improved since those days. A dentist Oxnard can offer white fillings that can be matched perfectly with the natural color of your tooth enamel. Thus, at moments of gut bursting laughter, one need not hold back in fear of revealing embarassing fillings.

As we are now well into the twenty first century, a dentist oxnard can make a white, sparkling smile possible for just about anyone. If you are someone who has decided that the fate of your teeth has been sealed, think again. An dentist Oxnard is highly trained in the latest technologies of cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, the cosmetic dentistry capabilities of an dentist Oxnard can give you the gleaming, white smile you have longed for your entire adult life.

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