Inexpensive Wedding Gifts Your Bride Hasn’t Thought Of

Wedding money holder

Weddings are an exciting time for everyone involved. If you are looking for something creative to give as a gift at a bridal shower, a great unique option is a wedding card box, or a wedding card money holder.

While most people are aware that they will be presented with cards at their wedding, they often overlook somewhere to put these cards. With monetary donations typically inside, leaving them in a pile on the table may not be the most secure option. A card holder for weddings is a unique gift that the bride and groom will likely not think of asking for, and is a super cost effective gift for the guest on a budget.

Coming up with wedding card box ideas is really a matter of the personal tastes and preferences of the bride and groom, as well as the over all theme of their wedding. If you are unsure of the theme, typically consulting the invitation is a good start. Most brides incorporate their colors or theme in the invitation, so this could give you a starting point on how to design your wedding money holder. You can also personalize a card holder for weddings by including the initials of the bride and groom, or photographs of them.

A wedding reception gift card box is also a fun activity to include at a bridal shower. Each brides maid can make one for the bride, and each can be featured at the wedding. This is a fun, inexpensive activity for you to do as a group, and then your card holders can actually be used at the wedding.

While most brides are focused on the little picture, remembering details as small as a card holder for weddings can save some major stress on the day of. Wedding card boxes make great gifts, or bridal shower activities for any wedding. If you are looking for a unique gift, a card holder for weddings is a great cost effective option.

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