The Rise Of Recipes Using Hummus

Hummus dip recipes

Hummus consumption in the United States has increased by 35 percent over the past 21 months, with nearly $300 million USD in sales as a result according to a study done in 2010. People are always looking for new and exciting ways to make their meal something special. By looking into recipes using hummus you may be able to turn any traditional chicken dish, salad, appetizer, and more into something that your guests or your family will truly remember. A great hummus recipe will always call for a high quality hummus as the key ingredient, but could also include lemon juice, various vinegars, traditional spices, and more. Fresh herbs and vegetables are also ingredients which recipes using hummus may call for, and can add a nice bit of freshness to your next meal.

Hummus has origins in Middle Eastern countries, such as Palestine, Egypt, Israel, and Syria. Some of the classic flavors that you may see include roasted garlic hummus dip which can be used to accompany great savory dishes and appetizers, and roasted red pepper hummus dip which can add a touch of sweetness to an appetizer, salad, or soup. Recipes using hummus often use these ingredients and flavor accents to their best potential in ways that are not commonly seen in American cuisine, but which can really make a splash at your next meal. One serving of hummus can contain 1 percent of the recommended amounts of calcium, vitamin B6, potassium, and other nutrients. Recipes using hummus may be healthier than some of the alternatives that you may be considering for your dinner table, on top of the advantage of simply being delicious. Spicy hummus dip can also provide a nice, spicy bite for any meal where hot sauce or other hot ingredients may not be the right choice.

Great recipes with hummus should always play tot he strength of the ingredients themselves, which can include roasted garlic, red pepper, roasted pine nut, spinach, artichoke, sun dried tomato, and more. Recipes using hummus are not only a hit with those who already love and enjoy great hummus dips, but they are also one of the most ideal ways to introduce your family to new tastes and flavors that can expand their culinary horizons and delight their taste buds. Hummus is a $5 million dollar business, currently dominating refrigerated flavor spreads. With great recipes using hummus it is no wonder why.

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