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After writing the blog with heaps of effort, I wanted to gain the maximum exposure for it. But, it was critical to build desired revenue because it’s hard to find an appropriate blog page where I submit my blog. When I was finished making the copies, titles, descriptions and the strategizing the links, I had to look for either a search engine or any other place to list my blog notably. Actually, I wanted a list of directories where I can submit my blogs. After knowing a list of directories, I was contented and therefore want to share some information regarding the blog directories where I submit my blogs so that every blogger can benefit from it.

Here are the details for a few of the many blog directories where I submit my blog

1. Bloggeries: It’s the most respected blog page where I submit my blog; the readers can easily search for the desired category without bothering too many clicks. With a concise layout, the page offers time saving with ease. Therefore, it would be regal if you get your link posted here.

2. Best of the Web Blog Search: Because of its selective listings, this is the most efficient tool of submitting the blog. This page is the blogger’s first choice as it has a maximum traffic visiting the page. Only the mature and meaningful blogs get listed on the page. Therefore your link on such a page would be magnificent and this is the page where I submit my blogs mostly.

3. Blog Catalog: This page offers a variety of categories. Ranging from creative to academic writing, Blog Catalog allows the readers to search by country and language. Hence, it’s also a desired page for the bloggers.

4. Globe of Blogs: The blog readers want to read the non-commercial and impartial thoughts of the bloggers and Globe of Blogs offer such type only. It posts the non-commercial blogs only.

5. Blogging Fusion: This is another page where I submit my blog. Blog Fusion comprises of more than 60 categories, including the family focused blogs. It has strong visitor stats also.

6. Blog Universe: This page has an easy navigating option with limited content.

There are various other ways also where I submit my blog, but if you want to experience the convenience implementation and cost efficient mode, then blog directories are the ideal techniques. I can guarantee the ease and contentment because these are the pages where I submit my blog.

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