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A Google blog can be easily created by going to the blogging application called blogger powered by Google. New bloggers who want to create their first blog will find creating a blog on blogger by Google the easiest method of getting a presence in the blogosphere and to gain experience in creating and maintaining a blog.

The popularity of creating a Google blog for new bloggers is because of its ease of use. Bloggers are guided through the entire process of creating a blog with simple and easy to follow instructions. The blogger does not need any previous blog creating experience to create a blog on blogger. The new blogger does not have to know HTML to create a Google blog although HTML knowledge can help them use some of the more sophisticated blogging tools on Blogger. The only requirement to create a blog on blogger is a Google address. If bloggers do not have a Google address they can get an address in a few minutes by following a few steps.

The process of creating a Google blog is easy. One needs to log on with their Google address and password. They can choose among more than ten templates and create a Google blog. They can then give a name to their blog and start adding content. Once they complete the blog they can get a preview of what it will look like once Google hosts the blog online before uploading their blog. Bloggers can also edit their blog posts or update them by using the edit posts tool.

The main advantage of creating a Google blog is that it is free and easy to use. Google hosts the blog and one does not have to look for a separate blog hosting program. Since Google hosts the blog there are no problems like server outages and bandwidth problems.

The disadvantage of a Google blog is that one can only add content and images. One cannot have a customized domain name for the blog. Experienced bloggers may find advanced features and tools in paid blog platforms.

Creating a Google blog on Blogger is one of the best ways of starting a first blog to learn the many facets that go into creating a successful blog on the internet.

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