Try Sabra Hummus

Sabra hummus

One of the most common dishes served in the Middle East is hummus. Over the years hummus has made its way onto American tables too and is also gaining in popularity here in the United States. Hummus is a very healthy choice for people who desire to eat healthier. Sabra hummus is a popular side dish that you can offer luncheon or dinner guests that you can usually find in your grocery store. Many stores carry it in their delicatessen section, so if you are looking for something delicious and healthy to serve, try Sabra hummus. One way to serve it example, is to change out a traditional dip dish that is full of dairy fat to a healthy, low fat one like Sabra hummus. You can feel good about serving this healthy alternative. You see, Sabra hummus is made from chickpeas and full of healthy vitamins and nutrition. There are countless recipes that you can use Sabra hummus in.

Sabra hummus is a name brand hummus that you can buy in the stores. People who are lacto vegetarians are very familiar with it. In fact, Sabra hummus has been available in the U.S. for quite a few years now and is becoming more well known. You can even say it is a common part of Asian and Mediterranean cuisines too. The key ingredient in Sabra hummus is ground chickpeas. There are different flavors available now. For instance, you can buy a lemon flavored Sabra hummus or one that has garlic in it. You’ll see containers of Sabra hummus with pine nuts and pimentos too.

Sabra hummus is used as a dip for pita chips. You can also dip fresh veggies in it. Hummus is much better to use than a sour cream based dip. Some people like to take flat bread or a tortilla and spread Sabra hummus on it. They then fill up the tortilla or flatbread with veggies and bean sprouts and then roll it up to make a delicious wrap sandwich. These wraps are really delicious when made with hummus. You can learn more about hummus and find other recipes by searching online. It is also advisable to read reviews on the different selections of store bought hummus. You can also make your own hummus by following simple recipes that you can find online. In order to save time though, buying store bought hummus may be best.


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