Choosing The Right Moving Company

A lot of people get nervous whenever it comes to moving. However, if you take steps to decide upon the type of mover you need and make sure that they are responsible, your move should go smooth. You will need to spend some time prior to moving doing some work in order for this to happen though.

Your first step should be to talk to people you know about moving. Ask them for recommendations and advice. Make sure that you write down these companies’ names because you are going to want to call several of them. When you do, you need to be assertive in asking how long they have been in business, how experienced their packers and drivers are, whether or not they offer storage and if they are licensed for interstate transport. If you find their company representative to be unfriendly or unhelpful, move on to someone else.

Even though you talk to the moving company, you still need to do some external checks as well. Check with the Public Utility Commission or Department of Transportation to make sure that the moving company is licensed and regulated. Then make sure that the mover belongs to a trade organization. Finally, call the Better Business Bureau to ensure that there have never been any complaints filed against this moving company.

Once you are able to narrow your choices down to just a few companies, you need to call them and ask for estimates. Determine whether or not these will be binding. Either way, make sure that they are in writing.

In the end you will find that a lot of moving companies offer numerous services. If necessary, divide up the services that you need amongst several different companies who offer you the best prices. Just make sure that you watch out for any hidden costs when you finally do choose a moving company.


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