Liquid Nicotine: See what all the buzz is about

If you have frequented any major shopping malls lately, it is probable that you have stumbled across a bored looking kiosk clerk puffing away on what appears to be a cigarette. In doors. After double-taking, you probably found yourself wondering what exactly this new novelty is.

This new novelty item is the Electronic cigarette, or “E-cigarette” for short. The E-cigarettes’ concept is centered around using liquid nicotine in place of its tobacco counterpart. This special solution of liquid nicotine can be easily vaporized by a heat source, putting off realistic looking smoke both indoors and out. E-cigarettes use tiny cartridges filled with the liquid nicotine, usually between 16 to 24 milligrams. While this may seem a bit high, when compared to its traditional cigarette counter part, it is dramatically less. (Traditional cigarettes typically contain between 40 and 60 milligrams of nicotine).

Liquid Nicotine typically consists of two main ingredients: propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. While both words appear threatening and difficult to pronounce, they are actually commonly used in soaps, and in a staggering twist of irony, propylene glycol is used in the creation of asthma inhalers.

The main question is how much nicotine is inhaled from these E-cigarettes? It appears E-cigarette creators have thought of everything. Cartridges ranging in the amount of liquid nicotine can be altered for each individual purchaser, ranging from a high liquid nicotine content of 24 milligrams, to the lowest of zero.

While you may get some strange looks for “smoking” in doors, the “smoke” generated from the E-cigarette is not a health risk. Since the E-cigarette is battery operated and not reliant on burning, the smoke released into the air does not contain harmful toxins like tar and carbon monoxide into the air.

While little has been researched about liquid nicotine and the E-cigarette, it appears that it could be a promising alternative to smokers or those looking to quit. If you are struggling with quitting smoking or looking for a healthier alternative, liquid nicotine and the E-cigarette may be a worth while alternative to investigate.


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