Infuse Bone Graft Lawsuits Make Future Patients Safer

Your health is one of the most important parts of your life. Let’s face it, all the money in the world is no good if you are ill. So, of course you do things to safeguard your health. You buy health insurance, you exercise, and you take basic precautions when necessary. When something does go wrong, you see a doctor. If you are diagnosed with an injury or illness, you probably research that injury or illness, making yourself competent to discuss the issue. As a last resort, you might consider surgical intervention.

For the most part, surgery is safer than ever. Hospitals safeguard you against infection through a number of means and patients are informed throughout pre and post operative meetings. Of course, this is only true if surgical products are used correctly. Unfortunately, infuse bone graft lawsuits are the result of using bone graft material for procedures outside of the approved uses.

Infuse bone graft lawsuits are the natural result of injuries sustained through surgery. While you may do everything within your power to ensure your safety during surgery, improper use of surgical materials inevitable lead to lawsuits, as in the case of infuse bone graft lawsuits. In this case, the FDA approved the use of Medtronic’s Infuse bone graft for some dental procedures and for use in the lower lumbar spine. However, the FDA did not approve the use in cervical spine, or neck, procedures. The end results have been complications ranging from depressed breathing to nerve damage. Some cases have resulted in death. Obviously, something went very wrong here. Sometimes, the only way to ensure the collective safety of patients is to take action. Infuse bone graft lawsuits are that action.

In is an unfortunate reality that some companies only understand monetary punishments. At the same time, patients who were given unapproved treatments have every reason to join infuse bone graft lawsuits. Infuse bone graft lawsuits represent the legal system at its best. When the checks and balances of FDA approval fail, consumers must have an alternative means of protection.

When a physician or facility chooses to use a product in a way other than is intended, they must be held accountable. Joining infuse bone graft lawsuits do not make patients a drain on the system. These lawsuits right a wrong by holding practitioners accountable. In the end, lawsuits like infuse bone graft lawsuits ensure the safety of future patients.

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