Everything You Want To Know About Botox Dawson Creek

While botox is considered to be a very toxic substance, it is oftentimes used in very minute doses for cosmetic purposes. This is because botox Dawson Creek is a treatment whereby facial muscles become paralyzed so as to reduce the effects that wrinkles may cause. It is interesting to note that until recently there have not been any practical uses for this toxin.

Botox Dawson Creek first got its start in 1950. At this time researchers did some experimentation that led them to discover that small amounts of this substance actually decreased muscle activity. This led to such great results that lasted for a period of 6 months.

Unfortunately, botox Dawson Creek was not approved by the FDA until 1989 though. At that time it botox dawson creek was approved for treating uncontrollable eye blinking. Finally in 2002 botox Dawson Creek was approved by the FDA for cosmetic purposes. This actually led to a huge interest worldwide. In fact, there were now botox Dawson Creek parties being held by affluent people who wanted to look younger.

Even though botox Dawson Creek is very popular today, it is important to remember that this substance is actually a poison that has very serious side effects. In fact between 1989 and 2003 28 people died because of it. With this in mind whenever you go to have a botox Dawson Creek treatment, it is important for you to know what the two main side effects of such treatment is. The first side effect is that paralysis to the wrong muscles may occur. So, if the toxin reaches your diaphragm you may be unable to breathe. Secondly, if too much toxin is applied to your cheeks you may not be able to use your jaw muscles to chew solid food. Fortunately, this side effect will be able to wear off in about 6 weeks.

It is also possible for you to be allergic to botox Dawson Creek. While this is actually quite rare, it could cause you to have to spend weeks in the hospital and may even lead to your death. Of course, this is why you will only want to work with very experienced botox Dawson Creek practitioners. After all, there are a lot of great reasons to get botox Dawson Creek treatments including treating migraine headaches and aiding in various nervous system disorders. Therefore, you should not rule out botox Dawson Creek treatments but you do need to make an educated decision in this regard.

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